“I’ve not seen cash for one month” – Ebele Okaro tears up as Ruth Eze surprises her with gifts on birthday(Watch).

“I’ve not seen cash for one month” – Ebele Okaro tears up as Ruth Eze surprises her with gifts on birthday(Watch). 

Veteran movie star, Ebele Okaro, was unable to control her emotions after her junior colleague, Ruth Eze unexpectedly appeared on her film set to give her a birthday surprise.

Ruth Eze surprised Ebele with a nice photo frame and cash amid the scarcity in the country.

Following a heartwarming hug and presenting the gift to Okaro, Ruth took out a bundle of cash from her pocket and sprayed it on the thespian.

Ebele Okaro was moved to tears and expressed gratitude towards Ruth Eze for her consistent and thoughtful gesture. She could also be heard saying that she hasn’t seen cash for about a month.

Captioning the video, Ruth revealed how Okaro provided her with a piece of worthwhile advice that eventually aided her career greatly.

She wrote:

“The Other Day For My Darling Mama @ebelleokaro This is one woman I love with all of my heart bcos she has the purest of heart 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

Happy Bless Birthday My Darling Mami @ebelleokaro I will do this again and again

And again bcos u deserve it🥰🥰🥰🥰

One Day I Will Tell The World

What Just Sitting With u 5years

ago has done to my life, how u

Advised me to leave Lagos and come to the East

When u came to film at my house in Lagos with @estherene and @frankincenseecheben I was also featured in that movie, u advised me, u said

Ruth, your acting is so good, why not

Come to East, u will do better there, I see u shining more in d East then here in Lagos, u said alot To me that day, I was so moved, I had sleepless nights bcos of your advice, God Used u to speak to me, U no sometimes u talk to people & change there

Life forever with out u knowing🥲 Coming to the East is one of

The best decision have taken in my life. God Has bless me with everything I can ever think

Of here @ebelleokaro I Love u so much Mama, May God continue to keep u, no evil shall befall

U, u will continue to experience happiness in

Your life. Have an amazing new chapter ❤️ Fam let’s go show our MaMa Some Real Love🥰

My crazy friend @posh_nuell thanks for this

beautiful outfit I loveeeeee it🥰🥰

Is your kind of friendship I want o

Not those that always want to eat from u

They can’t add any meaning to your life🤣 @posh_nuell thanks darling 🥰🥰🥰 guys Pls go follow him & patronize him, forget his craziness, he’s an amazing human being👌

Happy International Women Day To All The Amazing Women In The World.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰”

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