A Man Sh@melessly Fought A Gay Man In A Store Until The Gay Man Begs Him To Stop(Video/Photos)

 A Man Shamelessly Fought A Gay Man In A Store Until The Gay Man Begs Him To Stop

This article featured two men (a gay man and another) who shamelessly fought each other in a store without anyone coming to separate them. Read farther and watch the video to see what happened in the end.


A new video was posted on social media recently which captured moments when a gay man and another man engaged each other in a physical fight at a store.

Though it was not clear what caused the fight, none of the two individuals was patient enough to let the other go. They continue to find and destroy items on their path, without any attempt to separate them by people watching the fight.


Even the colleague of the gay man who was dressed in white, stood there and watch the fight without saying a word or making an attempt to separate them.


In the end, the gay man lose the fight as the other man pin him down to the ground and kept throwing punches at him.

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The gay man at this point conceded defeat as he began to plead with the other man to let him go. Funny enough, the man let go of him and ran outside the store.


The gay man stood up and continue to rant while he walked with his colleague, entered their car and left.

Watch below how the two men fought each other seriously at the store.

Questions: how will you describe what you’ve just watched?

– What do you think could have possibly made the other man to ran outside the store even after winning the fight?

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