Battle for survival! Man kills leopard with bare hands to save his family [video]

Battle for survival! Man kills leopard with bare hands to save his family

A man in Karnataka’s Hassan district killed a leopard with his bare hands in a bid to save himself and his family, after the animal leaped out of bush and charged at him, his wife and their child.

Rajagopal Naik, a resident of Bendekere village in Karnataka’s Arasikere taluk, about 180 kilometres from Bengaluru, was riding back home when the incident occurred.

The leopard initially attacked the child, and then subsequently tried to attack his wife.

Reportedly, Rajagopal at this moment held the animal by its neck and hit it on its head. The leopard, though taking a few swipes at Rajagopal a few times, could not succeed as it gradually died of suffocation due to him tightening his grip around its neck, as per various media reports.

Reportedly, a huge mass of people gathered in a short while around Rajagopal and the slain leopard, with netizens likening the man to ‘Drishyam 2’ protagonist George Kutty.

In a viral tweet on Twitter, Rajagopal is seen sitting in a bl00dy, devastated state on the ground as the dead animal lies beside him.

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“100% it is Leopard. This is a classic example of man-animal conflict”, said a reply on the thread of the main tweet.

Another user, meanwhile, cast his doubt on the incident, saying, “Cheetahs became extinct in India some 50 years ago”.

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