Free Canadian Work Visa, Scholarships, Jobs & Accommodation | Make $48,000 Monthly (Few Chances are Available)

Free Canadian Work Visa, Scholarships, Jobs & Accommodation | Make $48,000 Monthly (Few Chances are Available)

Hello dear, how can we help you? are you interested in making a wonderful fortune at Canada? Have you been searching all through the internet for how to find greener pasture in Canada, whether as a student or as a worker? Whichever one, we are going to give you the direct link on how to apply

Though we are not an agent to any website or company, we are going to be discussing on this platform tip on how to migrate to Canada. So we are going to be leveraging on our many years of expertise in doing this.

So on this page, our focus shall be on how to secure Canadian Scholarships, Free Canadian Work Visa, free Accommodation and above all, a direct link to apply for Jobs in Canada that you can be earning at least $48,000 monthly.

This being settled, we are also going to be giving you tips on how to relocate to other top countries of the world (outside Canada) that are indeed doing great economically.

Simply put therefore that, the essence of this page is to help you discover your career and of course help you to achieve it. This is because, a problem discovered is half solved. But this saying is only true for a committed mind that is determined to break all barriers and odds in pursuance of his career. Yeah, I sound motivational, right… But that is the truth. In this your journey to Canada or perhaps to any country outside the shore of your own country, it must in fact start with hope and determination.

Yeah, a fable minded person can not make these journey, and that’s why you got to convince yourself first before taking the next possible steps.

Now that you are convinced to take these wonderful steps of leaving your own country to another man country for the purpose of making fortune, we are going to be commencing in earnest.

So all you need to do now is simply to follow the guideline we are going to outline for you and then apply.


The application process is some how difficult but we are going to be trying our best in making it very simple for you.

Meanwhile, there are few things we want to you to understand about your application to Canada. And they are to wit:

  • Immigrants are required to make Canada Assessment before proceeding to make application
  • Application must be made before it ca be granted. So you will not have to stay in your house and someone from no where will contact you on phone or via email and announce to you that a Visa lottery to Canada or any country have been issued to you. So if you have receive such a mail or call, then they (sender of such mail) are only trying to defraud you, so you got to be smart.
  • Before you can secure a visa to Canada or any other top countries of the world, you must be a nationality of eligible countries. Often time, countries eligibility are always depended on the diplomatic tires they have with the host county (i.e the country granting the visa lottery)
  • Sometimes, countries are also granted the eligibility right because of their economic tires with the host countries.

So we sincerely believed that you are a nationality of eligible countries. And if our prayers are answered, then you are a step ahead others that are not from eligible countries.

Now, if you are interested travelling to Canada for jobs, below are the things you must know first.

If you are interested in finding Jobs in Canada, below are the 17 most Demanded Jobs in Canada

  1. College or Vocational Instructor
    • These people specialties on teaching students at the colleges. No, it is not like being a university professor, or requiring higher academic criteria. A person with diploma or bachelor’s degree can acquire this special job in Canada. So all that the person has to do is to make sure he has a minimum and demonstrative skills in his field.
  2. Registered Nurse.
    • These is a special employment opportunity for health workers only. A registered nurse is deemed to have graduated from nursing program. So the certificate of registration is the license granted to such person (the nurse) for his completion of his nursing program. And such licence must be equivalent to that of Canada or other top countries of the world.
  3. Truck Driver.
    • This is a career for people who can drive trucks. Here, it is expected that one must first learn to drive before proceeding to Canada to seek for this great opportunity. Our reason is this, there in Canada, the cost of learning how to drive trucks for a new immigrant may be very heavy on such an immigrant. So to be at the safer side, we recommend you learn this in your home country.
  4. Business Management Consultant.
    • These consultants are specialist in the management of businesses. Thus, they are hired to be the consultants of several businesses. One can be a consultant to as many businesses as he is willing to handle, provided he is hired to be the consultant of such businesses. And to be qualified as a consultant one has to attain a special height in his profession. This special qualification is Master of Business Administration (MBAs). It is also possible to be a consultant of businesses without holding Master of Business Administration (MBAs) but as an immigrant, they expect you to have certain qualifications as a proof that you are indeed good in your field.
  5. Welder.
    • Welding is open for any body, provided such a person has a meaningful skills in the fabrication and molding of metals. Welding work is common in all part of the world, so you can go and learn how to do that now, that is if you like it. And as for their payment, they receive good one. There payments are such interesting that some degree holders in Canada tend to leverage on their skills than on their certificate.
  6. Licensed Practical Nurse.
    • This is abbreviated as LPN. This position is only available to people who have graduated from their nursing program and has become licensed to provide basic nursing care under the supervision of a physician or registered nurse. The payment of Licensed Practical Nurse is quite great. And also the job is greatly available for those who are qualified and available to work
  7. Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistant.
    • These people act as assistance to Physiotherapy. So because of the nature of the work it is required that they have a practical knowledge on their field. They are also paid greatly just like their fellow health workers.
  8. Software Engineer or Designer.
    • These job is rather based on skills rather than on certificate. A Software Engineer or Designer is nightly paid in Canada. In fact, the can establish their on business and even make great fortune for themselves. So these categories of people are specially privileged. A software engineer does not have to go and be seeking for work provided he has a reasonable skill, he can set up his own business and be a boss of himself.
  9. Dispensing Optician
    • This work is special one. A dispensing optician has to be well enlightened. He must be able to interpret optical prescriptions written by optometrists or ophthalmologists. Such a person is also required to have the field knowledge of giving advice to patients on lens type, frames and styling, and spectacle repair. So because of the special important of these categories of workers in Canada, they are always paid more, when compare to others. The job is also very easy to find since not too many people have this skill. So as an optician in Canada you are rest assured of living larger.
  10. Veterinary Technician or Assistant
    • In Canada, these categories of workers are provided with the opportunity to perform all aspects of routine pet care. Similarly, Veterinary Technician or Assistant can also practice in the lab. They make their money through many ways. For instance, while the earn form the place of their employment, they can also earn from private individual who may buy their service to take care of their pet. Just like United States, Veterinary Technician or Assistant are wonderful payed.
  11. Construction Estimator
    • The work is designed for Engineer or people who have worked in the construction trade. So as a construction estimator, you are required to have a special knowledge preparation estimates of probable costs of materials, labor and equipment, and subcontracts for construction projects based on contract bids, quotations, schematic drawings and specifications.
  12. Steamfitter or Pipefitter
    • A pipefitter or steamfitter is a tradesperson who installs, assembles, fabricates, maintains and repairs mechanical piping systems. Pipefitters usually begin as helpers or apprentices. Journeyman pipefitters deal with industrial/commercial/marine piping and heating/cooling systems.
  13. Psychologist
    • A psychologist is a person who studies normal and abnormal mental states, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behavior by experimenting with, and observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals relate to one another and to their environments
  14. Pharmacist
    • A pharmacist, also known as a chemist or a druggist, is a health professional who deals with the composition, properties, interactions, proper use and distribution of medicines.
  15. Aircraft Pilot
    • An aircraft pilot or aviator is a person who controls the flight of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls. Some other aircrew members, such as navigators or flight engineers, are also considered aviators, because they are involved in operating the aircraft’s navigation and engine systems.
  16. Industrial Electrician
    • Industrial Electricians oversee the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems in factories, warehouses, production areas and other businesses. They test existing equipment and determine if components of a system need to be upgraded or replaced.
  17. Aerospace Engineer
    • Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It has two major and overlapping branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. Avionics engineering is similar, but deals with the electronics side of aerospace engineering.


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