How Much Flavour’s Appearance Has Transformed Since He Changed His Hairstyle & Got A New Tattoo

How Much Flavour’s Appearance Has Transformed Since He Changed His Hairstyle & Got A New Tattoo

Chinedu Izuchukwu is a Nigerian businessman and philanthropist. Okoli, better known by his stage name Flavour, has changed his look recently, but few people are aware of it because he only publishes updates about himself on his Instagram account, which disappears after 24 hours, unlike Instagram posts, which remain visible indefinitely until removed.

Flavour’s looks and features have improved many times in recent years, at least twice on his hairstyle and once on his body, according to his Instagram profile (story).

Flavour has been adding and changing the look of his flat-punk dreadlock hairstyle over the past few months. He first changed his flat-punk dreadlocks to twisted-top dreadlocks, then developed more hair on top before settling on his new look, a braided-top with the dreadlocks still in place.

Flavour has had his dreadlocks for over 13 years, since he first became popular, despite the fact that they are artificial and not his natural hair. Remove the dreadlocks, and the image below reveals how attractive Flavour N’abania is without them:-

Check out some more pictures from his Instagram story below that reflect his hairstyle change over the last few months:-



The well-known multi-talented young man has also changed his physical look by having a massive tattoo on his back. Flavour had just two tattoos before, a guitar on his left side, written phrases on his right hand, and another on his stomach, which everyone who knows him well knows

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Flavour’s look has shifted after he received a large tattoo on his back that seems to be bible phrases, but the star has yet to announce what the tattoo means. Take a look at these pictures of him by the beach, showing off his latest tattoo and six-pack abs:

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See the second hair style he changed


Currently he has switched to this amazing and wonderful hair style with a big tattoo at his back

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