“I followed my friend to Dubai, i thought we were going to do business but we went to eat sh!t for $18,000”- Ghanaian lady cries

A Ghanaian woman has spoken out about her bad experience in Dubai, which has left her with a bad taste in her mouth.

According to her, many slay queens fly to Dubai to eat human feces and engage in various fetishes in exchange for money.

This distraught lady described how she was enticed to an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai by a dazzling friend and that she was subjected to sexual abuse by her hosts.

She claims she was offered $180,000 to perform a blowjob on the Arabian host for more than an hour without stopping.

Despite the fact that the aggressive thrusting was causing her eyes to explode and her jaws to snap, she was terrified and compelled to endure.

She was afterwards instructed to lick her Arabian host’s anus and perform a scat fetish on him after the encounter.

When a lady is asked to eat and play with the feces of a guy who gains sexual pleasure from the act, it is known as scat fetish.

Her host and the lady who enticed her to Dubai ultimately gave her only $5,700 and kicked her out. This came after she was threatened, insulted, and bullied for trying to halt the horrible conduct.

As a result, despite the fact that she was captivated by the flashy lifestyle of the lady who she thought was in legitimate business, the lady has said she still feels a huge load of guilt on her shoulders after years of the act.

She implied that the majority of these slayqueens claiming to be on Dubai vacations are actually there to indulge in scat for a large quantity of money…a life that no reasonable person should envy.

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