Man Becomes Overnight Millionaire As A Meteorite Worth $1.9M Crash Through His House

Man Becomes Overnight Millionaire As A Meteorite Worth $1.9M Crash Through His House

Josua Hutagalung (33 years old), a coffin maker living in Indonesia, became a millionaire after a meteorite hit his backyard. The 2.1 kg meteorite left a large hole in the corrugated iron roof of Josua’s house and created a hole 15 cm deep when it fell.

According to the man, he was working inside the house while hearing something like a rock crushing the roof. When he picked up ‘the rock’, it was still warm and partially broken. At that moment, Josua never thought that the rock is a meteorite made of rare material and it’s worth a fortune. In fact, the meteorite is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old and classified as CM1/2 Cabon Chondrite – an extremely rare variety – worth about $1.86 million.


“When I picked it up, the stone was still warm and I brought it into the house. The sound was so loud that the whole house was shaking. After searching around the house, I found out a big hole in the iron roof in the back of the house. Because it is impossible for someone to intentionally throw or drop it from such a height. The object must come from the sky!” talk Josua to a local newspaper.

Not only Josua but his neighbor also heard the sound when the meteorite hit his house. Dozens of people out of curiosity went to Josua’s house to see the rare object.


Although he doesn’t disclose the exact amount of money he is paid for, the man indicated that it is over $1million. The father of three boys reveals that he wil use part of the money to build a local church. “I’ve always wanted a daughter and I hope this is also a sign of good luck that I will have one,” added Josua.

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According to US meteorologist Jared Collins, three other meteorite fragments were also found in areas near Josua’s house in August. One of them was discovered in a rice field just 3km from his house.

This meteorite is officially named Kolang, estimated to weigh 2.5 kg, according to the Planetary and Lunar Institute in Texas, USA. The interior of the meteorite is dark gray and black, with small bright spots.


The head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Lapan), Thomas Djamaluddin, said that meteorites falling in residential areas is a rare phenomenon. “These meteorites are from the formation of the solar system. Most of them fall in locations far from human settlements, such as oceans, forests, or deserts,” said Mr. Thomas.


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