Man Finds Out The Lady He Brought Home Last Night Was A Man

Man Finds Out The Lady He Brought Home Last Night Was A Man

There is a saying that ‘Wonders Never End’. There is hardly anything new that we haven’t heard of before. Some things are still happening in our society that would surprise an individual. Some people will go to any extent just to make money at all cost. They put their lives at risk because they might be prosecuted or even worse if they are caught in the act. Most Youths are found of carrying out jungle justice on anyone caught committing a crime. It doesn’t matter if it was a small crime or big.

A video was shared on an Instagram page @legitpost.com.ng. the video also had a post that says, Drama as man finds out the lady he brought home last night is actually a man. The man was disguised as a lady and was caught the next morning. He was ask to take of his clothes as seen in the video to be sure of his gender. It might take the intervention of security officer to save him from getting beaten.

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