“Modern wives will never do this” – Man gives kudos to wife for kneeling while serving him food (Photos)

“Modern wives will never do this” – Man gives kudos to wife for kneeling while serving him food

A Twitter user has taken to the platform to mock ‘modern women’ who do not kneel and bow their heads while serving their husband food.

According to Molwedi Rams @Molwedi_Rams on Twitter, he opined that it is traditional and a sign of respect for a woman to kneel while serving her husband’s meal.

This however sparked reactions on Twitter as many users condemned the act as a ‘caveman’ ideology while others applauded the woman.

A Twitter user @Ally65662226 wrote, “never in the foreverness of forever in the history before or after Christ, for all of remaining eternity in this life and all the life that proceeds it, in all galaxies and space continuums will this ever be me.

@Iam__Temmy wrote, “After spending hours cooking, you’ll still come out kneeling to serve it. That’s insanity. If you cook often, you’ll appreciate the time it takes to make a meal and not condemn someone else to a caveman’s mentality!”

@cutey_brownin tweeted,

“Modern wives work imagine spending the same amount of time as your partner making money for the household just to come and serve him as if you don’t deserve to sit down too”.

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@Sipholoveguru wrote,

“It’s not a force at all. And it doesn’t even take that much effort just to kneel when serving your “husband” unless u so fat u can’t even walk 5 meters without stopping. A woman who understands the value of her husband will not find it hard to do this.”


“Why would I want to served like this? I’m even the head chef in my home so such cultural practices are complete and absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. I’m marrying my feminist and I wouldn’t trade her for a submissive “yebo Baba” kind who bows at my presence.”

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