Olamide & YBNL Might Fall If FireBoy Leaves the Record Label – Music Executive

Olamide & YBNL Might Fall If FireBoy Leaves the Record Label – Music Executive. 

The word on the streets is that Fireboy is going to leave his label, YBNL sooner rather than later.

There are rumors that the “Peru” singer could exit YBNL as soon as his third studio album is on the market. And, while it is just a rumor, for now, what would a YBNL without Fireboy look like?

Well, the thing is, before Fireboy, YBNL wasn’t built around any single artist. Olamide had a lot of artists on board and at the time, he was comfortable with having the label run like a family.

He even created a “YBNL Mafia Family” brand to promote that idea. But that didn’t work out. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it.

After it became clear Fireboy was the artist he wanted to push, he kinda off loaded everyone else and just focused on making his own music and pushing Fireboy DML’s. That focus paid off.

In 2019, Fireboy released an electric debut and quickly became the toast of the town and that was it. 2020 came and he followed up with “Apollo,” and Olamide did “Carpe Diem” and everything’s going smooth. But it can’t be that way forever.

Almost four years after Fireboy first got on YBNL’s radar, he might be leaving for good.

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