Remember The Guy That Dressed As A Complete Mad Man On Rag Day Few Years Ago? See What He Did Again

Remember The Guy That Dressed As A Complete Mad Man On Rag Day Few Years Ago? See What He Did Again

Rag day is sweet, but some students do take it too far. As a fun filled day, students are allowed to dress in rags and storm the streets demonstrating in a very funny way. They move around individually and in groups acting funny to people as they beg for money or any edible stuff.

Federal Polytechnic Oko in Anambra State is in her student’s week. Two days ago was her old school day. On that day, students dressed in old fashioned attires roaming around the school premises and beyond.


Today was her rag day, and the students didn’t relent in showcasing their “madness.” Majority of them dressed in rags moving about with empty cans for keeping money. Some went with bags too.


Few years ago, a student of federal Polytechnic Oko went viral after he participated in the school’s rag day. His own “madness” was outstanding. He was the worst dressed student that year. This made him go viral. Some people mistook him for a complete mad man. It was only a rag day eve.

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See the old pictures of him displaying in the street.

Today again, the young man came out to demonstrate again. This time, he dressed just like a mad man as usual. He was in the street acting strange. Some people saw him and ran away because they thought he was truly mad. See pictures.

Funny enough, he met a young man who was eating. He actually just finished eating when he came. He demanded the man to buy him something. The young man gave him the water he washed his hands with to test his sanity. But he threw it away. This suggests he is sanely alright.

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