The Iniubong Umoren killer has Reviewed that she agreed to sleep with him before He k!lled her(Video)

The Iniubong Umoren k!ller has admitted that she agreed to sleep with him before she died

The trending tragedy of a young female job seeker who was raped and murdered by her fake employee has hit its peak after the young murderer revealed a shock.

The young man who is identified as Uduak revealed that he murdered Iniubong Umoren in self-defence after she refused to have an unprotected s3x with him.

Despite being tagged of an alleged suicidal mission, Uduak has been found alive and he was interviewed recently.

In his claim and revelation, he revealed that she was murdered by a pressing iron after the lady smashed the stabilizer on his head which thrust his anger.

He also revealed that Iniubong was never his first victim_ vowed that he has performed the same act on 5 ladies who were all fortunate of their lives except Ini.

In his words, he said:


“I asked her that I would like to have sex with her before she left. She agreed and gave a condition that I would have to use condom, which I did.”

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“While I removed the condom, she became furious and removed the nearby stabilizer to hit me on the head.”


“While I was bleeding, in order to stop her, I used the stabilizer to hit her. When I hit her, she fell.”


Nigerians couldn’t withstand the wraths in them and shared their thoughts via all the social media platforms.


Ini was laid to rest today by her family.


What’s your view?


Watch video below;


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