This Man Owns The Only Golden Plane In The World And 7000 Customised Cars; See His Net Worth.

This Man Owns The Only Golden Plane In The World And 7000 Cars; See His Net Worth.

Undoubtedly, we have tons of people across the world who many of us might not know because the world contains billions of people; hence, knowing everybody might be a difficult task. However, due to the achievements and popularity of some people, it is an easy task to know them because they will be the talk of the town; and these days, the social media has been of help in knowing some people. Some of the people that can be known easily in the world today are big politicians, musicians, comedians, sports men, and more than that, the rated richest men in the world

Of course, it is believed that there are countless number of people in the world today who have accumulated massive wealth, such that they are recognized all over the globe based on their net worth; and thus, made it to a particular ranking. Today, we all know the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and several other men who are rated as the world’s richest men; but despite these known personalities, there are still some people whose wealth and net worth are unknown.

There’s a man who has once being the world’s richest man in the world; and today, he still stands as one of the richest men; but not the richest anymore. Apart from his rating as one of the richest men, there are some things he owns that show he is truly a wealthy man. This man has a golden plane, which is tagged to be the only golden plane in the world today, and has a collection of about 7000 cars. You’d ask, who’s this man?

The man is Hassanal Bolkiah.

Hassanal Bolkiah is the 29th and current Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan of Brunei and the Prime Minister of Brunei. He is one of the last absolute monarchs in the world

Of course, you might say you haven’t heard the name before, but now, you’re hearing about him. In fact, wealth speaks for itself; hence, as we proceed, you’ll behold the amazing net worth of this man.

Currently, he is said to have a net worth of about $20 billion, and stands as one of the richest royals in the world according to Forbes. Alongside his net worth, his car collection was once estimated to worth around $5 billion, and definitely, that’s a huge amount of money spent on cars ALONE.

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The Sultan is well known for his love for cars, hence, this is why he has lots of cars in his garage. Based on his love for cars, some luxury car makers, such as Mercedes, have created one-of-a-kind cars for his collection; and that means he owns cars that no one can find anywhere on Earth except in this man’s collection.


Thus, according to some facts released about him, some of the cars in his collection include: over 600 Rolls Royce, over 570 Mercedes-Benz, over 450 Ferrari, over 380 Bentley, over 200 BMW, over 170 Jaguars, over 130 Koenigsegg sports cars and several other collection

Also, his private jet is rated to be the third most expensive plane in the world, and the only golden plane.


The original price of the plane was around $100 million, and then, the Sultan has spent in excess of another $100 million on updating its interior which screams luxury with gold details all over the plane. Part of the things known with the plane is a living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom, in which all of them are decorated with gold and crystal, featuring washbasins made out of solid gold. The name of the plane is Boeing 747-430.

Thus, it’s without a doubt that this man is one of the richest man in the world, and besides that, he’s one of the men with the biggest luxuries in the world, and that shows he doesn’t lack anything good.

In most of his pictures seen, and his collection, it appears the Sultan likes anything in gold colour, and this will be seen right from his attire, his cars, and everything he has.

See some of his pictures below, and that of the things he owns:

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