What I Tell Companies That Demand I Remove Tattoos to Work With Them – DJ Sose

What I Tell Companies That Demand I Remove Tattoos to Work With Them – DJ Sose. 

There are many things that corporations and our workplaces make us do that we would otherwise not do. From company dress codes that stifle some people’s freedom of expression to rules on how they can act in and around the office. We all adjust to these rules because we want to keep our jobs, get deals, or in form or another, we want to make money.

But what happens when a corporation tells one of Nigeria’s most recognizable DJs to change up something that has become one of the biggest distinguishable factors of his brand? What does he do in that case? That was the question that was asked to ace Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Sose.

DJ Sose is famous for appearing on Nigerian Idol and working on a number of popular tracks. Soso is also wildly famously for his face tattoo. Now, during a new interview with Sunday Scoop, DJ Sose is talking about how important his tattoo is and what he’ll do if asked by any business, brand, or corporation to erase it. Here’s what DJ Sose said.

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Speaking to Sunday Scoop, DJ Sose said about businesses asking him to erase his tattoo to work with them:

Why would any brand want me to do that? That means they are not interested in working with me. I have had this (tattoo) since 2007. It means they are not interested in me as a brand. They just want to use me.

Sose went further to say:

The recognition DJs are getting is from those interested in promoting their brands. We are not just DJs anymore; we are brands. If we were just DJs, we would not be recognised. We would just be in the background playing music but we have changed that. We brought branding into the ‘game’. Anything I do helps my brand in terms of visibility and growth. I am very picky about the kind of projects I work on. At the end of the day, I don’t want a situation where the choices I make are the wrong ones and end up affecting me career-wise.

Briefly touching on his time on Nigerian Idol, DJ Sose said:

It was a good one year (with Nigerian Idol). I had fun, and it’s now on my CV.

Would you ever remove a tattoo because of work? I know a lot of people have very strong thoughts about DJ Sose’s tattoos. It has become one of those things that love it or hate it, people instantly recognize him for. To get rid of that? Especially for a promotional campaign? It would practically make him unrecognizable.

But what do you think? Do you think you’d advice Sose to take off his tattoos for business or would you advice he keep his face as is and forget about the brand’s money? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment on my Jide Okonjo Facebook post.

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