Why I’m Always The Last to Hear Gossip – Nancy Isime (Video)

Why I’m Always The Last to Hear Gossip – Nancy Isime (Video).

Why I’m Always The Last to Hear Gossip – Nancy Isime (Video). Nancy Isime is a Nigerian actress, host, producer, and influencer. She has been in the industry for a long time and is recognized by many as a hustler who worked her way up to the top little by little and with the backlog to prove it.

While speaking to Lilian Afegbai for her Youtube show, Lilian’s Couch, Nancy and Lilian got on the topic of negative comments, criticism, and how Nancy deals with it all. Nancy who identifies herself as a tough person got very honest and expressed her thoughts about how she honestly deals with negative comments and why she’s always the last to hear gossip. Without any further ado, here’s what Nancy Isime said on the topic.

Speaking about criticism, negative comments, and always being the last to hear gossip, Nancy Isime said:

I’m so happy because every performance I do, critics say this is probably Nancy’s best performance yet. When I read it, I’m like “hmm, wait till the next film”, and the next cinema release comes out and they’re like “this is Nancy’s best performance” and that just shows where I am in my head. Always competing with myself. Better than the last performance. When critics say she’s better than this person, they barely do it because I don’t even give that energy. So they always compare me to my last self.

It’s just the energy I give out. When you (Lilian Afegbai) spoke to me, I don’t think you brought up other people, the first thing you said was the years and where I am today and I’m so grateful for that. That I have intentionally put that in people’s heads just by being me. People can just tell that this one is just here doing her thing. This one is just here trying to get a better life for herself. This one is not even looking at who is doing what or who is not doing what. Yes, I’ll congratulate you. I’m always even the last to hear things. I stay away from gossip blogs because I’m always the last. Imagine sometimes they try to send some things to me, my dear, one time I was like “I don’t even care”. 

Every single day, you’re hearing what is happening to this, what is happening to that, so what time do you have to hear what is happening to you? What time do you have to hear your own problems because you have problems. So is it a quick dose of solution? Because you still go back home at night and still cry about your own situation. No matter how that person shouts “Heyyy! All these celebrities, I talk am. Na so them be. All of them na ashawo. Thank God oh, I’m just facing my small business” You think after saying that your small business will automatically become prosperous? Because a blogger just confirmed to you that every single woman is sleeping around? My vibe is simple: I’m here to work.

Watch the video below.

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